BLWM defends sub contractors that have been brought into an ongoing lawsuit by a general contractor or that have been sued directly. Our lawyers are well versed in the variety of topics that typically come up in these cases, including:

  1. The scope and reach of contractual or common law indemnity;
  2. Time on risk and tenders to defending carriers;
  3. Construction standards of care;
  4. Building and fire code compliance;
Construction Defect Litigation
  1. Sequencing issues;
  2. Economic losses;
  3. Time limit defenses;
  4. Building owner/user contribution to building system failures;
  5. Contract interpretation, including mediation and arbitration provisions; and
  6. Application of right to cure statutes.

These cases may be handled on a traditional hourly fee arrangement. Some insurance carriers choose to assign a larger volume of cases to the firm in exchange for a flat fee. Our work is efficient, creative, and yields excellent results. For more information about the firm’s construction defect practice, please contact Ken Maxwell in our Arizona office or Mike Mills in our Nevada office.