BLWM defends individuals, businesses, and insurance company policyholders in courts throughout the western United States. Our lawyers routinely handle a wide range of issues, including:

  1. Fires and explosions;
  2. Dram shop liability;
  3. Industrial equipment and mechanical failures;
  4. Indemnity, contribution, and insurance coverage;
  5. Automobile collisions and bodily injury;
  6. Wrongful death;
  7. Product design, warnings, and manufacturing defects;
  8. Water and mold;
  9. Insurance bad faith and punitive damages;
  10. Truck and large machinery accidents;
  11. Professional malpractice;
  12. Immunity;
  13. Trespass; and
  14. Inverse Condemnation;
Large Property Subrogation and Fire

These cases may be handled on a traditional hourly fee arrangement. Some insurance carriers choose to assign a larger volume of cases to the firm in exchange for a flat fee. Whether you are looking for a firm to handle a single case, a certain category of cases, or all of your cases in a geographic region, BLWM provides excellent results for competitive rates.

For more information about the firm’s general liability practice, please contact Ken Maxwell in our Arizona office or Mike Mills in our Nevada office.