BLWM's attorneys have extensive experience and training in the various areas of law and science regularly encountered in property subrogation, such as:

  1. The origin and cause of fires and explosions;
  2. Fire spread;
  3. Structural failures, roof collapses and geotechnical failures;
  4. Product design, warnings, or manufacturing defects;
  5. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and sprinkler system failures;
  6. Human factors/warnings; and
  7. Airplane, heavy equipment, and trucking accident/failures.

To maximize their recovery potential, many clients prefer to involve BLWM in losses at their very inception – “before the embers get cold.” BLWM prides itself on its early investigation, evaluation, and prosecution of subrogation claims, where our attorneys may assist with, among other things: 

  1. Analysis of contracts, leases and other documents;
  2. Expert selection, retention, and management;
  3. Scene management and the preservation of evidence;
  4. Identification of potential defendants and providing notice to them;
  5. Rapid coordination of joint scene inspections and destructive examination of evidence; and
  6. Swift comprehensive evaluation of subrogation potential.

BLWM is committed to subrogation excellence, with attorneys who are Certified Fire Investigation Investigators (C.F.E.I), certified in burn pattern recognition/analysis and Certified Subrogation Recovery Specialist (by National Association of Subrogation Professionals).

Most cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. For more information about BLWM’s large property subrogation, please contact Mark Bauman, Scott Loewe, Ed Witt, Ken MaxwellChris Brennan, Patrick Howell, Paul Landis or Matthew Delinko.